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Below is a selection of the most commonly asked questions by my patients. These have been put up here as you too may have the same question running through your mind and this could be the first step towards finding those answers. The questions answered here cover a wide range of topics, but should you have anything more specific in mind then please drop me line and I will be happy to clarify any doubts or queries. You can email me here.

What is cosmetic surgery and is it the same as plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery includes hand surgery (surgeries for hand injury, re-implant of fingers and hand, brachail plexus surgery, congenital hand surgery etc.), post burns reconstruction, reconstructive microsurgery (Reconstruction of tissues lost during surgery for cancers and trauma), facio maxillary surgery and cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic (Aesthetic surgery) is a super specialized branch of plastic surgery and includes procedures done only to enhance the appearance of a body part. There need not be any underlying deformity.

What are the most popular procedures for men?

In India, the most common procedure would be hair transplant followed by liposuction and then gynaecomastia correction.

At what age do most people have Cosmetic Surgery?

Age is not the limiting factor in all cases. However for a rhinoplasty one has to wait for the growth to complete. Breast surgeries for congenital anomalies are also performed after completion of growth.

Do I need anesthesia for Plastic Surgery?

Yes. Some form of anaesthesia is required for any surgeries performed. It could be Local anaesthesia alone, local with sedation or a full general anaesthesia.

What is the normal recovery time?

It varies with procedures. Most Procedures are done as day surgeries and patient could go home the same day. Recovery period for most procedure is 10 days to two weeks after which you could resume all social activity.

Can I get multiple procedures done at the same time?

Yes it is possible. Liposuction could be combined with breast procedures. Similarly rhinoplasty could be combined with breast implant. The limitation is only prolongation of hours under anaesthesia.

How safe are cosmetic procedures?

Cosmetic procedures involve risks similar to any surgical procedure. Delayed wound healing, infection, bleeding immediately after surgery and scar hypertrophy are common to any surgical procedures be it c-section, appendicectomy or gall stone removal. In aesthetic procedures the scars are well concealed in skin creases and most of the time hardly visible.

Are cosmetic procedures covered by insurance?

Not all procedures are covered by insurance. Some insurance companies cover symptomatic breast reductions and gynaecomastia.

How long will my facelift last?

The process of aging continues. Face lift does not stop aging process. It depends on the number of years we are able to reverse with a face lift for example if a patient feels that she looks ten years younger after the procedure she might take another ten years before she notices the signs of aging.

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